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Who Uses vaVesta

A vaVesta rest vest can be used by so many people in such diverse situations, it might be easier to compile a list of those who wouldn't use a vaVesta (we don't know those people).  But if you're looking for ideas, we've compiled a sampling of vaVesta users.


For eons, travelers have been devising ways to sleep comfortably on the go. Whether one is traveling by oxcart or spaceship, achieving mobile comfort can be a challenge. Travel pillows have proliferated in bizarre and impractical configurations, and it seems every third traveler in the 21st Century totes a crescent-shaped, neck pillow. Crescent pillows, inflatable pillows, hooded pillows, head wraps, whole-head covers, and all manner of head rests aimed at aiding sleep-deprived travelers, look like they might work. But these contraptions fail to deliver practical and consistent comfort, because they don’t simultaneously stabilize and support a sleeper’s neck, head, and arms. A vaVesta rest vest offers travelers remarkable sleeping comfort and more.

Makes standing in long lines tolerable
Eliminates armrest competition
Allows a wearer to sleep sitting up
Serves as a protective cocoon – a resting place if a trip is delayed

Simply put – vaVesta is a comfortable place to be, wherever you are


Many a would-be meditator has been discouraged by the difficulty of relaxing the body sufficiently to allow the mind to settle. With the gentle support of a vaVesta, physical relaxation is typically instantaneous, and mental relaxation rapidly follows. As one meditator put it, “vaVesta enables a physical letting go that naturally morphs into mental letting go.”

Power Nappers

A common plague of contemporary life in an industrialized society is sleep deprivation.  Few adults enjoy the much-touted benefits of sleeping eight hours every night. But extensive research has shown that power naps (a daytime snooze of 10 to 30 minutes) can not only mitigate sleep deficits but also enhance creative problem solving, verbal memory, perceptual learning, object learning, and statistical learning. Power naps also boost math acuity, logical reasoning, reaction times, and symbol recognition while improving mood, and alleviating drowsiness and fatigue. Finally, napping supports heart health, normal blood pressure, stress reduction, and weight management.

Read: The science behind power naps, and why they're so damn good for you  by George Dvorsky, Daily Explainer

In her book “Take a Nap!  Change Your Life”, University of California, Riverside’s sleep scientist, Dr. Sara Mednick says, “a 10 to 20 minute nap provides a quick boost of alertness.  Napping is particularly great for learning, memory, and performance — and we’ve known this now for several decades.”

Watch: Dr. Sara Mednick’s TED Talk

And there is more good news about napping:  Napping is free and has nothing but positive side effects.  A vaVesta rest vest predictably eases nappers into relaxation.  For this reason, people are squirreling vaVesta into desk drawers and backpacks!  Napping Tip:  To give yourself over completely to the power-nap experience, set a timer.  Without a timer you may be preoccupied with the concern of oversleeping, and you won’t sleep at all.


Physical and psychological therapists alike value the vaVesta rest vest's therapeutic benefits. One physical therapist prizes vaVesta because it facilitates a decrease in extreme muscle tension (hypertonicity).  Within moments of tucking into a vaVesta, her patients frequently experience a marked reduction of hypertonicity in their upper extremities.  Patients recovering from arm and shoulder injuries also benefit from using a vaVesta vest as a comfortable, yet stabilizing sling. 

Feldenkrais practitioner, Rose Silberman, GCFP, says, “Before using vaVesta in my practice, I helped my clients achieve an awareness of their upper-body tension by allowing them to release the weight of their arms into my supporting hands.  Now, clients relax their arms into the support of vaVesta, leaving my hands free to identify areas of chronic tension and quickly determine the structural repositioning that will best facilitate healing.  Working with vaVesta in this way saves time, so I can accomplish more for my clients in each session.” 

Dr. Ted Gilliland, Marriage and Family Therapist, wrote, “Some of my clients have been so traumatized in life that they can't receive comfort from a human hug. A vaVesta facilitates the safety of a warm, self-embrace that can help start them on the road to recovery.”


Many athletes have discovered that the practice of “centering” prior to an event – turning inward to focus on breathing and reduce anxious mind chatter – Improves their performance.  vaVesta gives athletes a reliable way to relax into their centering routine.

Sport Fans

Spectator sports from football to synchronized swimming can be riveting. However, sitting on stadium bleachers for hours can be exhausting.  Wearing a vaVesta vest while spectating, provides relaxing support without restricting movement, enthusiasm, or enjoyment. In fact, spectators enjoy themselves more when they are comfortably supported.


Balancing the austerity of dorm life with the support and comfort of a vaVesta vest is a boon to students.  Having arm and book support while reading is especially helpful.


People who use hand-held, electronic devices for extended periods of time appreciate the support of vaVesta.


Modeling is not all glamour.  Photo shoots can demand long hours of standing - waiting in bleak, chilly places to spend a few moments in front of the camera.  In such circumstances, the support and comfort of vaVesta vest is indispensable.

Nursing Mothers

Finding a comfortable, supported position for nursing can be a challenge, especially when on the road.  Whether at home or on the move, the vaVesta vest is a supportive, protected nest for mothers and their babes.

This sampling is not meant to exclude Campers, TV Viewers, People with Autism, Musicians, People with Disabilities, Children, Elders, Artists, Yoga Practitioners, Dancers, Birdwatchers and the many others who enjoy the simple, surprising comfort of vaVesta.


Children instinctively know how to use a vaVesta vest and will happily play with it until they find their comfort zone! Because vaVesta is adjustable, we currently offer it in One Size. We’ve found this One Size functions for a majority of people from children (around age five) to adults.