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vaVesta Stories

“Once you get used to a vaVesta, you feel as if you could live in it. It's a little hard to eat in, especially if you have long hair, but it's still worth it.”
- Finn, Inventor’s Granddaughter, Age 8 


“I’m an anxious flyer, but recently, wearing my new vaVesta, I fell asleep before take-off and slept for the first hour of my flight. Amazing! When I woke up, the man sitting next to me wanted to know where he could buy a vaVesta.”
- Barb, Hawaii, Frequent Traveler


“Instant relaxation! Perfect for meditation. Every meditator on the planet will want one.”
- Farrell, Kansas, Thirty-year Meditator

“vaVesta is better than the pain killers they’ve been giving me. Call this thing Arms of Love.”
- Jake, California, Soldier Injured in Iraq

“I feel so extra relaxed with my arms in the vaVesta sleeves! I think it likely gives the same relief as meditating. I even wear it lying down. It calms me . . . I don’t toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position. You have a real winner!”
- Lietta, California, Retired Teacher

“I don’t give many flowers, but honestly, vaVesta is something special. I wear mine everyday.”
- Miguel, Dominican Republic

“I arrive at the airport wearing my vaVesta. Once on the plane, I actually sleep comfortably. The support is great, and I like knowing I won’t disturb my seatmates by drifting into their space. vaVesta is an innovative product. Thanks!”
- Edward, Frequent Flyer, California

“I’ve just finished my first meditation using vaVesta. It is wonderful. Kept me in perfect meditation posture, helped with concentration on my breath, relaxed me more so my meditation seemed to be much deeper, and it was like a warm, loving hug all through my meditation. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE THIS. Thank you so much.”
- Grady, Colorado, Longtime Meditator

“When my niece showed me her vaVesta, I’ll have to admit, I didn’t see the point. Once I tried it, WOW! So comfortable, and I love how it supports a book when I read.”
- Aunt Janet, Iowa, 88 years old