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vaVesta Quality

As we dreamed vaVesta to life, we chose to fashion it from a fabric of notable quality: a fleece, made by world-renowned, Polartec, LLC.  The name Polartec®, long synonymous with quality and integrity, is your assurance that repeated, gentle launderings will not cause vaVesta to pill or lose its soft, supple feel. Bonus: The fleece we chose has an 80% fiber content of recycled water bottles and is Made in USA.

Our Thermal Insert (a 100% Cotton Ripstop shell, filled with washed cherry pits) and our Nylon Tote Bag are also made from premium-quality goods.  To support local industry and ensure the quality of our assembly equals the quality of our materials, we assemble vaVesta, Insert, and Tote Bag in the USA.


Polartec® Trivia:

Originally called Polarfleece®, Polartec® was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century.  Time cited Polartec® as a major textile innovation that revolutionized the way the world dresses for cold weather and listed Polartec® between the zipper and sliced bread.

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