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Care, Thermal Insert, Insert Safety


If maintained properly, vaVesta can provide years of service.  Follow our simple suggestions to keep vaVesta soft and pill-free.

Wash vaVesta, Insert, & Tote: Gentle/Cool

Dry vaVesta, Insert, & Tote: Low Temperature

  • NEVER Bleach
  • NEVER Fabric Soften
  • NEVER Iron
  • NEVER Dry Clean
  • NEVER Microwave vaVesta!

Thermal Insert:

The neck section of vaVesta is a pocket which holds the multi-purpose Insert that comes with every vaVesta.  When microwaved or chilled, the Insert offers therapeutic benefits.  But even without heating or cooling, the Insert provides additional neck support that is especially helpful for travelers.

To Use Insert:

  1. Hold Insert so Cherry Pits bunch at both ends of Insert.
  2. Thread one end of Insert into vaVesta neck pocket; repeat at other end.
  3. Hold vaVesta neck pocket at both ends; shake gently to distribute Cherry Pits evenly.  

Insert Safety:

Caution: Do Not Overheat Insert

  • Microwave ovens vary in power, so we can’t tell you exactly how long to microwave Insert in your oven.  If your oven runs hot, reduce time.
  • Heat Insert One Minute on High Power.
  • For more warmth, microwave 15 seconds more.
  • Insert may be reheated every 20 minutes for 30 seconds on High Power.
  • Insert will retain heat between each microwaving.
  • Reheating more than 30 seconds every 20 minutes will create heat build-up that may cause Cherry Pits to pop and become less washable.
  • NEVER Apply hot Insert directly to skin!