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Play with vaVesta to discover which configurations are most enjoyable for you. No single configuration suits everyone.

Always rest arms with elbows at a 90 degree angle or less. Positioning elbows at greater than 90 degrees, causes upper-body tension - the opposite of vaVesta's purpose.
Your Thermal Insert is for support as well as therapeutic warmth or coolness. So take your Insert with you when you travel, even if you don’t plan to heat or chill it.
Resting in vaVesta “sleeves”, one arm over the other, “muffler-style”, increases support.
Crossing one side of the rest vest over the other and using the Thermal Insert provides maximum support for sleeping. But if you are claustrophobic, “crossing” may not be for you!
Remember, you can adjust for comfort, function, and size. Adjustability is what makes the vaVesta vest One Size.
When you're on the go, loop one end of vaVesta through an opposite “sleeve” to secure it in place.