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The Original vaVesta

• vaVesta
• Slim Support Pillow Insert slips easily into vaVesta’s Neck Pocket
vaVesta Is:
• One Size Adjustable fits most
• Made from Polartec® fleece
• Lightweight (6ozs.)
• Portable (5"x5"x8" folded)
• Made in USA
• Patent Pending

Replace Your Travel Pillow
With Something Better


A Comfortable Place to Be
Wherever You Are


What is vaVesta?

vaVesta is a simple means of support that offers people an effective way to avoid armrest competition, reduce stress and even sleep sitting up.

More than a scarf, yet not quite a vest, vaVesta has:
  • Four “sleeve“ openings that serve as armrests
  • A neck pocket that holds a supportive, hot/cold Thermal Insert (included)
  • Two front pockets for small miscellany – boarding pass, photo ID, phone...

Adjustability makes vaVesta a one-size comfort zone for adults and children alike. Brigitte, traveling to Denmark with her twins, wrote, “I haven’t tried vaVesta yet, because my 7-year-old daughter is snuggled into it, sound asleep. This alone, makes me a vaVesta fan!”

“I didn't think vaVesta was for me”

Max, a globe-trotting friend of ours, said, “No offense, but I’m actually not an ideal vaVesta customer. I get on a plane and fall asleep almost immediately.  I know nothing is expected of me until the plane lands. The flight itself is like a brief vacation.”

This was before Max tried the vaVesta vest. Then it was, “Whoa!  My neck and shoulders are completely relaxed!  And it’s great to have a place to rest my arms… so comforting… like being hugged.”

When we added a warmed Thermal Insert to Max’s vaVesta, he nearly slid off his chair. “OK. I get it. I didn't think vaVesta was for me, but this thing is good.”

Our pictures only show how vaVesta looks.  If you’re like Max, you won’t fully appreciate the surprising comfort of a vaVesta rest vest until you try one.